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Making art TOGETHER



Our work focuses on facilitating meetings and relationships between artists, cultural institutions and investors. We research what is happening in visual arts around the world and seek partnerships. 


Our aim is to bring global visual art experiences to local publics. This is our strength and what has inspired us since 2009 when we started to bring Worldwide art to Italy, and to take Italian art to the World.


We offer our partners the experience of a multidisciplinary team with the direction of Vera Uberti, internationally trained professional with more than 11 years of recognized and awarded achievements in the visual arts.

  • Analyze and identify target audiences in order to select art exhibitions accordingly.

  • Search for and visit the main current art exhibitions of international cultural institutions and emerging artists.

  • Find investors and intermediate the negotiation with cultural institutions, making the exhibition in foreign countries economically and logistically viable.

  • Adapt the project to the new hosting space.

  • Catalog creation.

  • Monitor the assembly and disassembly of the exhibition.

  • Intermediate the negotiation of the Insurance and Transport of the works.

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