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STRAVAGANZE IMPERIALI - 2022  (artista e direttrice artistica)

The open air exhibition of digital art "Stravaganze Imperiali", with six large multimedia installations, dialogues with the monumentality of the Imperial Villa of the Grotte di Catullo. Past and future are connected through art technology. In the magnificent setting of the Grotte di Catullo, a night vision will open before the eyes of those who will abandon themselves to beauty. A new world, full of colors, sounds and lights will welcome those who dare to discover the wonders of a parallel universe. Artist and Artistic Director Vera Uberti breaks the rules and standards of traditional art, totally freeing the imagination.

IN WONDER(IS)LAND - 2021  (artist e art director)

Nero su verde - 2019

I Girasoli - 2017

Love - 2014

È tempo di abbracciarsi  - 2013

Arte povera - 2011  (cultural promoter)

I love my city - 2010  (art director)

Artisti in cantiere - 2013  (art director)

Per un filo - 2007

Reciclar - 2004

La rosa verde - 2018

Scatole nere - 2015

Copacabana - 2013

Pinocchio - 2012  (art director)

Vietato non toccare - MUBA. Bambini a contatto con Bruno Munari - 2010  (cultural promoter)

Genesis - 2009  (art director)

Marcozero - 2008

No metrô - 2006

Refletir - 2003

The open-air exhibition In Wonderland, with ten large-scale multimedia installations, is inspired by the famous book written by Lewis Carroll in 1865, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. In the magnificent setting of Villa Cavazza, magic will come to life as if in a dream. A new world full of colours, sounds and lights will welcome those who dare to discover the wonders of a parallel universe. In Wonderland, with the monumentality of its works, breaks the rules and standards of traditional art, totally freeing the imagination. Without a linear narrative, letting oneself be carried away by instinct, the spectator will pass through numerous adventures, arousing his curiosity. With maximum freedom of interpretation. Stimulating the senses, fantasy and imagination.

This exhibition is for those who are not afraid to dream.

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